Our Story

Meeta Ahuja founded Ekasmaye in 2007. It is a family-run business led by women inspired and influenced by Indian heritage and handicrafts. The majority of her knowledge came from personal experience, which began as a hobby and quickly evolved into a fulfilling career.
Her daughter Divyangna Ahuja took her on and completed her diploma at NIFT, which aided in bringing a modern and contemporary touch to her mother's Indian aesthetics. It all began as a clothing brand, but our goal is to transform it into a luxurious yet comfortable line which caters to the need of people who encourage high craftsmanship and appreciate the resuscitation of lost Indian traditions.

Our Philosophy

With sustainability and innovation at its core, Ekasmaye strives to uplift Indian crafts & culture and resuscitate lost Indian traditions. As an environmentally conscious clothing brand, we advocate for zero-waste production and aim to be 100% plastic-free, even in our packaging.

We also ensure that our local artisans are paid fairly and have access to job opportunities. Handcrafted and manufactured in India, we are a brand that chooses to see beyond the aesthetics and embrace sustainable practices; a brand that goes an extra mile to provide their customers with fair trade and ethical shopping.