Sustaining Our Craft Heritage

Handblock Printing from India

An age-old method of textile printing, this closely guarded heirloom craft has been passed down through generations of artisan families. The printing master requires extreme precision as he carefully aligns each successive block to create these beautiful patterns. Truly, a labour of love.

Sheesha Embroidery

Mirror work can add a shimmering appeal and sparkling design to a dull mono colored fabric and brighten it. Sheesha or mirror embroidery is traced back to the 17th century in Iran and is said to have been brought to India by numerous travellers during the Mughal era. The mirrors are affixed onto the fabric by special cross stitch embroidery that encloses the mirror, providing it a casing. This cross stitch embroidery is not only relegated to affixing the mirrors, but is also used to enhance the overall appearance of the garment.

Care Instructions:

  • Dry Clean Only
  • Steam Iron